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This wonderfully gentle yet effective combination of brown rice flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium essential oil makes the perfect Exfoliating Face Mask to deep cleanse your skin.

Just add water to this fragrant powder to create an absorbent paste which gently draws out impurities from the skin as it dries.

Balm Balm's very own stamp of aunthenticity. A symbol you can trust for using only the highest quality ingredients.

Add a little warm water to approximately one tablespoon of Hibiscus Face Mask and mix to a paste. Apply to face and leave for 10mins or until dry. Before removing the mask, damp a little and gently massage into the skin to exfoliate then wash off completely.

Oryza Sativa Powder (Brown Rice), Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder (Hibiscus), Pelagonium Graveolens (Rose Geranium).

Balm Balm do not test on Animals. They are endorsed by the British Union Against Vivisection.

Ingredients are all 100% Organic & 100% Natural. Approved by the Soil Association.

Balm Balm are endorsed by Naturewatch.
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Great mask!! I've used it several times now and each time my skin glows for the next couple of days! It smells fab and leaves my skin so wonderfully soft afterwards. I've tried lots of different masks before and this seems to make a real difference to my complexion! Highly recommended!

Denise, England

Great mask ever! Does what it says and it will last for a long time! Moreover, I love the fact that it's a natural product. Totally recommend it!

Joana, Portugal

Хороший отшелушивающий продукт. Используется как маска и как эксфолиант. После кожа мягкая и очищенная. Буду покупать еще!

Claire, Беларусь

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Маска работает как хороший эксфолиатор с очень мелкими частичками, кожа после нее чистая и гладкая.Полностью натуральный состав и божественный аромат.

Elena, Россия

this is a great mask the best I've used. It doesn't clear your skin 100% and its not a miracle worker but there is a 80% difference as it clears redness and spots and leaves your face looking clean and smooth.
Smells great too, best I've found.

hana, UK

One of my favorite masks! Smells gorgeous, tenderly exfoliates and cleans really deep. After applying it i feel that my skin is polished. And yes, its looks like that mask will last for ages: i use less than a teaspoon for entire face. Love it!

Kira, Cyprus

This is my favourite exfoliating mask ever! After using it my skin looks much clearer and it reduces any redness I have. My skin is so much smoother afterwards and since it exfoliates, any moisturiser you put on after can adsorb more effectively.

Ellie Douglas, Australia

Cleans pores like a traditional clay mask without the added dryness.

Kymberly, Australia

This mask smells gorgeous. I thought this mask would not work as well as a traditional clay mask, but I was completely wrong - it worked even better!! It smoothed out my skin and deeply cleansed it leaving it feel clean and uncongested. This is a definite must have.

C, London, UK

I have used this mask and my face is smooth like baby bottom! Don't get fooled by natural ingredients or packaging, this face mask really works better than anything I ever tried, my acne skin is very fussy, this mask is not only exfoliating but also took couple nasties out. Gorgeous smell, very pleasant to use, deep exfoliating, does not leave your face tight or dry and help with spots, so worth the price!

Dorota, Tamworth

Really deep cleaning. Made my skin even softer, rid of all little bumps, the after two days of using it all my few fading scars on my forehead have almost disappeared, cleaned my pores well because of its natural tiny beads and non abrasive texture. First time used something organic as an exfoliator, and this with Sebamed cleansing Foam and Trilogy Rose Hip Oil, my skin's now sorted and glowing, and no need for makeup, even concealer. Just coming out of my teens so glad its getting all sorted.

Hana, Glasgow

I didn't when I started using organic products, but I would like to share this great brand with all FU fans here, they are suitable for vegetarians/vegans, no testing done on animals. Balm Balm 100% Organic Hibiscus Face Mask is suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive skin, because I do have very dry and sensitive skin on my cheeks, but the Tzone is oily and with acne problems, thanks this great mask, it cleans my skin well and never leave it dry. It's also really romantic to mix the mask with warm water, you see the mask turns into dark pink and you even see the small flower pieces inside! And at the end, I would recommend everyone to use organic products, its not only just for ourselves, our families, also for our environment.

Jing, Germany

Love this mask! It's so cheap and helped my skin a lot with my acne and scars!

Lily, Hong Kong

It's easy to use - mixing the paste by yourself is so fun! The mask draws out impurities and leaves your skin clean, soft and healthy looking. Gorgeous result!

Camilla, Sweden

Just got this mask and tried it today. It's amazing! I would say it's not only 5 potions there but much more, at least 10! Just mix it up with mater to create paste and apply it to your face. It cleanses skin well and leaves it smooth and nice. Great buy and I love that it's organic!

Elena, London

From the minute you open the pot, the relaxing fragrances of essential oils make using this mask a real treat. Simple to use and great value for money - each pot contains 5 or more applications. The Balm Balm Organic Hibiscus Mask leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother and brighter - and it helps deal with those nasty blackheads!

Rebecca, Spain