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Effortlessly create beautiful long-lasting curls, with the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl. Featuring revolutionary new patented technology; this breath-takingly innovative styler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful results in no time. It will leave you speechless.

Gentle, quick and easy, hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions. The hair is not put under any tension and it takes just seconds to form a perfect curl. It even has an audio beep indicator to remind you exactly when to release the hair. Experiment with the different settings to create a variety of looks from tight, more defined curls to softer loose waves. With 3 temperature settings, 3 timer settings and the option to select the curl direction, the control is in your hands.

From longer lengths to shorter styles, no matter what the hair type, the Perfect Curl will create shiny, long-lasting curls, every time.

Fitted with a UK 3-pin plug.
Electrical Voltage: suitable for use in the United Kingdom only.

- Ceramic curl chamber for smooth and shiny curl creation
- 3 timer settings for looser waves, soft curls or more defined curls.
- 3 heat settings; 190°C, 210°C and 230°C for long lasting results on different hair types
- Powerful heating system ready to use in seconds with ultra-fast heat recovery
- Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural look
- Suitable for shorter and longer hair lengths
- Heat ready indicator light
- Auto shut-off
- Salon length 2.8m swivel cord

For beautiful free-flowing curls, why not try the BaByliss Curl Secret.
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it is fabulous~The Babyliss Perfect Curl is easy to use and gives professional results. After years of straightening my hair, it is lovely to have a change and go curly. it takes a while to practice and know how to make it work well for your hair.
i can make a loose wave on my very fine hair with it, which is the way i would be love my hair to be, but can not be achieved by perming. I highly recommend it! my tip is using some thermal protector on hair , and fully blowing dry before using perfect curl.

Nan, China

Absolutely fantastic!!! Cannot recommend enough. I was a little bit skeptical at first as I have tried curling irons, tongs, rollers but my curls always looked tired and fell out really quickly. These are so easy to use and gave me beautiful, uniformed curls in minutes that lasted all night long. Although they are quite expensive they are well worth the investment - they will save me a small fortune on trips to the hairdressers. Definitely a 5 Star product!!!

Adele, United Kingdom

The best beauty gadget I have ever bought!!! I literally can't stop raving about this product, it's amazing. After years of trying to master waves and curls with a variety of devices, this is the only one that is completely foolproof. There's plenty of videos online of people using it, but all you have to do is clamp a small piece of hair in the machine, and the mechanism inside sucks up the length of the hair in a concealed barrel (no more burnt fingers!). You hold for a few seconds (there are 3 timer options, as well as 3 temperature settings), then release when you hear the four beeps. If you put too much hair in the machine, or it is too tangled, the mechanism stops working, so you won't get you hair stuck in the device. There are also 3 curl settings: forwards, backwards and alternate. My curls stay intact for two days afterwards - unlike tongs, the hair is heated from every angle so the curl lasts longer.

Laura, UK

Show All Reviews diesem curler ist es super easy locken zu zaubern... und das beste: sie sehen einheitlich schön aus und halten.
10 points!

ailine, germany

Já uso ,simplesmente maravilhoso! O melhor produto da atualidade, não vivo sem o meu!

silvia, brasil

Fantastic! It is so easy to use and the results and amazing, with the curls staying put until the day after.

Stephanie, Lancashire