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Rich, sweet, floral aroma. Dark yellow to amber in colour.

Did you know?
Rose has been highly prized for centuries. There are over 10,000 types of cultivated rose, many of which are extensively used in toiletries for both men and women.

It is extremely difficult to extract oil from the petals of the rose. The two main ways are first, solvent extraction of a concentrate which is then produced into an absolute, and second, distillation to produce an essential oil. Production of an absolute gives a better yield, but distillation gives a much finer fragrance.

Rosa Centifolia, and its close relatives, are cultivated widely in Morocco to produce a rose concentrate, from which an absolute is extracted. The product is also known as rose de mai absolute. The yield of absolute from Rosa Centifolia is somewhat higher than for the Turkish and Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, whereas the yield of the distilled oil is somewhat lower. Thus it is common to find the absolutes coming from Morocco and the distilled oils coming from Turkey and Bulgaria.

The Rose Absolute used in this product is 100% pure and natural. For your convenience, it has been diluted to 5% in Coconut Oil, a wonderfully light moisturising oil. It can be used directly on the skin as a perfume or combined with other oils as a massage or bath blend.

Try blending 6 drops of Rose Absolute 5% Dilution with 1 drop of Patchouli and 2 drops of Benzoin and add to the water for a warm, pampering bath.

Specific safety advice:
Do not use in the first four months of pregnancy.
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I love this product. Its smell is mild and lasts long. I use it in two ways: 1, Before I go to sleep, I drop a little oil on my belly and massage it, and my skin is much smoother on the second day, yet not sticky at all. 2, I use it when I took a bath. It is so relaxed and erases my whole day of tiredness. Recommend it!

Winnie, Finland