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Interview with Bryan Meehan - Founder of NUDE

When was NUDE Skincare created?

Ali and I started NUDE in 2005 and the original range launched in stores in 2007.

Why did you decide to create NUDE?

My background is in nutrition. I co-founded the organic food chain Fresh & Wild in 1998, where I sold organic food and natural skincare and supplements to a public demanding a more intelligent way to look after their bodies. It was here that Irecognised the health benefits of probiotics and omega oils for the body, and wondered whether they could also feed the skin. I met Ali through a mutual friend and we bonded over an interest in conscious commerce. We both agreed that we could improve the way skincare was offered to customers. In particular natural skincare was a real compromise when it came to results. It felt far too worthy to feel credible. So we decided to create NUDE, a results driven range that feeds the skin with the vital nutrients the body needs and recognises from good nutrition.

What are the benefits of using a natural skincare routine?

The essence of natural skincare is not that the ingredients are natural. The essence of natural skincare is that you can take a natural ingredient and make it work with your own body. The results speak for themselves. Natural skincare works with your body rather than against it. For example, with NUDE, we have used an active cell nutrient, n-probiotic™ which actually stimulates your skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and antioxidants. So it actually works from the inside out, teaching your skin to care for itself, day after day. This is different to traditional skincare which is just applied topically to the skin. It's not easily recognised or safely metabolised by the skin, so the results are superficial and short term.

How did you decide to use products found in food (probiotic, omega 3) in your skincare line and what are the benefits?

There are two ingredients key to NUDE- our n-probiotic and our omega oils. This goes back to my time at Fresh & Wild.

Pre and probiotics have long been recognised as having health benefits, including improving digestion, increasing absorption of food and nutrients, lowering cholesterol and strengthening immune systems. We wondered whether they could do the same for skincare. We created an n-probiotic™ active cell nutrient which has a probiotic at its core, supported by a prebiotic, a peptide and a flavanol. This works at the heart of cells, stimulating the skin to produce its own anti-ageing ingredients.

Just like your body needs omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 in your daily diet, so does your skin. Omega oils have incredible skin benefits, the nourish the whole skin cell, supporting the skin's natural defences and protecting cells from ageing stress. In the NUDE range, we have sourced our omega oils from natural plant oils like borage, sea buckthorn, macadamia and camelina. Each different omega oil has been carefully selected to treat and replenish different skin concerns. So for example, in our purify range, we use omega 3. This is sourced from camelina to reduce redness and irritation, so it's the perfect omega to treat oily and combination skin. Our ProGenius treatment oil contains a full spectrum of omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 to deliver a precisely balanced diet of vital skin nutrients for the skin.

What are the biggest organic/natural skincare myths?

Myths would be that organic skincare is good for your skin... having certified organic means nothing you need beautiful chemical free actives.

Describe NUDE in three words?

Pioneering. Natural. Luxury.

If you would recommend using one organic product - what would it be and why?

NUDE is not an organic range, it's a natural range. The one product every skin needs is ProGenius. It's an extraordinary treatment oil that your skin will just drink in, transforming all skin types to luminous and younger looking.

What's next for NUDE?

We're working on a lot of exciting products, including an SPF, an advanced eye cream and some body products. Watch this space!