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Introducting Renew7

Two highly concentrated formulas containing active ingredients to target specific skin concerns.

Laser treatments are commonly used in the world of aesthetic medicine to correct wrinkles and skin imperfections such as pigmentation and acne scarring. Laser resurfaces the skin by way of an intense beam of light radiation and delivers energy to the skin which in turn encourages collagen production.

Gatineau has taken inspiration from this concept to create Renew 7 Laser. With a combination of 2 powerful active ingredients working in synergy this highly concentrated serum smoothes out the skin and fills in wrinkles from within the skin - just like 'botox'.

What is Skin Destress?

Skin Destress is a new generation ingredient from 100% vegetal seaweed extract MATRICARIA MARITIMA which acts on the inhibition of muscle contraction factors via the neuro mediators.

What is Renew Cell?

RENEW CELL is derived from LAMINARIA DIGITATA and activates the epidermal stem cells to help them divide and become more numerous.

  • Your skin will smooth out with 'Botox-like' effects
  • Expression lines will be reduced
  • Epidermal stem cells will be stimulated to fill in wrinkles from within

What is Neuro-Mediators?

A Neuro-mediator is a chemical that transmits messages from one neuron to another. The molecule released allows the
transmission of
nerve impulses to
a receiver which
causes the muscle

What is Renew Cell?

We would recommend Renew 7 Laser for all skin types on women aged 35 and over experiencing fine lines & wrinkles.

Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and decolleté before your daily care regime instead of the usual serum, use 3 to 4 times a year as an intensive treatment.

Expect Results in 7 days.

Gatineau Renew 7 Laser

With a surface area of between 16 and 22 feet the skin is more than just a protective barrier. It is believed that the outer surface of the skin is exposed to over 5000 free radicals a day.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules which try to bind with part of our cells. These free radicals destroy healthy cells and cause oxidation within the body.

Oxidative stress plays a central role in the events that cause skin ageing. It breaks down collagen, alters cell renewal cycles and damages cell DNA. Although Gatineau use powerful anti-oxidants to fight these free radicals sometimes there can be some residue remaining.

Gatineau has developed a 'cure' to detoxify the skin cells and provide the skin with a renewed and radiant look.

What is Detoxine?

Detoxine is a
ingredient derived
from a yeast extract
called CANDIDA
SAITOANA. It removes any remaining free radical residues in the skin by boosting the Lysosome naturally present in the skin. Detoxine increases the skins capacity to detoxify the skin.

What is Lysosome?

A natural element present in the skin. It acts like a waste disposal and recycling plant. Lysosomes are membranous sacs of enzymes. These enzymes are typically hydrolytic and can digest cellular macromolecules.

Lysosomes have
various roles.
They are active in
recycling the cell's
organic material and
n the intracellular
digestion of

Do I need Renew 7 Detox?

We would recommend Renew 7 Detox for all skin types on women aged 24 and over, experiencing dull & lack-lustre skin.

Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and decolleté before your daily care regime instead of your usual serum, use 3 to 4 times a year as an intensive treatment, especially when the skin looks tired.

Expect Results in 7 days.

  • Your skin will glow & feel smoother
  • Skin texture will be refined
  • Complexion will become radiant
  • Skin tone will even out
Gatineau Renew 7 Detox

Complimentary 5ml RENEW 7 sample when you purchase a full size Detox or Laser serum. Use code DETOX or LASER at checkout. Available while stocks last.