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Newby Hands

trials the Clarisonic Plus for Face & Body...

'I felt and saw the difference from the first time I used the Clarisonic Plus and now it's an essential part of my skincare routine – I'm always careful about cleaning my skin but this does the job beautifully, plus it seems to exfoliate at the same time. Anything that multi-tasks is great with me.'

'I have so many gadgets that I use once and then forget about but this really has become a must-have for me and it's also excellent for the body on dry elbows, backs of arms and knees.'

Results:'It's amazing how soft it leaves the skin, and perhaps it's the massaging effect but it just makes my skin look very healthy – it's a great morning after or bad face day treat as it makes pasty skin look glowing in seconds. It's my new beauty addiction.'

Tip:'Using this to work upwards and outwards over the face does seem to help with any puffiness, especially along the jawline. I am a huge fan of face massage and this does the job really well.'


trials the Clarisonic Mia 2...

'I do take good care of my skin, but as I'm always on the go, the quicker & easier my cleansing routine can be the better. For me the Clarisonic has changed my whole approach to cleansing and my skin has never felt or looked better.'

'Being smaller than the Clarisonic Plus it's the ideal size for me to throw in my overnight bag (as I'm usually travelling most weekends) so I never have to be without it.'

Results:'During the winter my skin tends to be ultra-dry, with a few breakouts and redness, using the Clarisonic Mia 2 has really helped to keep this under control this year and kept my summertime glow going.'

Tip:'Once or twice a week, using a deep cleansing balm I give my skin a really thorough clean, spending a little longer on each part of my face. It's also perfect for removing any self-tan build up.'

Andrew Martin

trials the Clarisonic Aria...

'When I moved from the country to the city I really noticed a dramatic change in my skin. It became very dry, clogged and dull. Although I've only been cleansing my face with the Clarisonic Aria for a couple of weeks, I can already see the difference it makes.'

'As a regular gym-goer my skin can also suffer, so I make sure I deep cleanse my face using the Clarisonic two to three times a week.'

Results:'Shaving is much easier as a result of using the Clarisonic. I've found the shaving process more comfortable and less irritating on the face and post-shave there has been much less redness and spot breakouts.'

Tip:'The Aria allows you to alter the time spent on each area of the face, which is great for when I'm doing my pre-shave cleanse on my neck as well as my face.'