Escape the grey skies (and your greying skin) with my winter sun essentials.
If, unlike me, you’ve allocated your annual leave sensibly over the year, the likelihood is you’ve got a few weeks of winter sun to look forward to in the next few months. In contrast to your home-based winter grooming essentials, which should consist of intensive moisturisers to see-off central heating damage and eye creams to tackle black bags, your winter sun wash bag should be full to the brim of products designed to prep pale skin for the onslaught of the sun, and to make your tan last through until spring. Here are a few basic essentials to get you started.By Teo van den Broeke

The Exfoliator

Biotherm Homme facial exfoliator
Regular exfoliation will reveal bright fresh, unblemished skin. It’s particularly important that you exfoliate before exposure to the sun as properly cleansed skin is the perfect base
for a long lasting tan.

The Cleanser

Ole Henriksen aloe vera deep cleanser
After your initial exfoliation it’s important to keep
skin clear and clean between stretches in the sun.
This gentle cleanser is imbued with aloe vera
(great for sun-kissed skin) and vitamin e, which
encourages repair, and it won’t strip your tan.

The Sun Screen

Ultrasun Sports medium SPF 20 Gel Formula
The likelihood is that wherever you’re going the sun won’t be as strong as it is in the summer months (unless you’re going to the Southern Hemisphere) so invest in one high quality, cover-all sun cream to see you through. Factor 20 should suffice.

The After Sun

Shiseido After Sun Gel
Use a good after-sun as you would a
moisturiser, morning and night, to
nourish sun-dried skin. Carry on using
after your holiday to prolong your tan.

The Tan Accelerator

St Tropez naturals self tan lotion
Once you’re home and your colour starts
to fade, cream a couple of drops of this
gentle, subtle tanning lotion into your daily
moisturiser and apply conservatively to
ensure you stay looking unabrasively
bronzed for the entirety of the winter.

The Scent

Prada Luna Rossa fragrance
Last but not least, Prada’s new fragrance will work just as well on your holiday as it will in colder conditions. Not your standard sports scent, Luna Rossa is adult and warm with bright top notes of lavender and bitter orange, while the base notes of ambroxan and ambrette absolute last for ages on the skin – ideal in the colder conditions at home.

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