Winter-Proof your Skin, Hair & Make-up

It’s official; this is an awful time of year when it comes to beauty. Our skin feels terminally dry, we’ve lost the fight against the hair frizz, and within minutes our make-up looks a smudgy mess. Here is our guide to braving the weather beautifully...

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A nourishing face masks is your best turbo-charged night cream; layer up generously for the best overnight skin treat. And not forgetting to put a little bit on the back of your hands.

Try DIOR HYDRA LIFE Beauty Awakening Mask


Super-charge a favourite cream by adding a drop of oil or serum (anything hydrating or moisturising is perfect), and massage in well.

Any day now our skin is going change, suddenly feeling tight, taut and as though it has shrunk a size too small for our face. The reason? A sudden drop in temperature freezes the natural oils in skin surface, then when we come inside to the warm these thaw.

This freeze/thaw effect quickly damages the skin’s surface so moisture evaporates out and irritants can get in. The result? A rough, flaky and irritated skin.

Before you reach for a thicker face cream, the real key to a healthy winter skin starts with cleansing. Avoid foamy face washes and wipes and swap to a super comforting (and deep cleaning) cleansing balm, cream or milk. If you over clean the skin then you only strip off that vital protective barrier. Try L'Oréal Paris Cleansing & Perfecting Milk or Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser .

Scrubs keep skin soft but for a more gentle peel try mixing your favourite grainy scrub with your cleanser – it leaves skin smooth but not stripped. Try Ole Henriksen’s African Red Tea Suagr Glow™

For those still not convinced of the benefits of face oils, now is the time to try one. Choose only natural oils as these sink completely into the skin – use a few drops overnight and I promise your skin with be rosy, plump and supple come morning - absolutely nothing works better. We love Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil .

3 Steps to a Healthy Winter Skin


Massage in Emma Hardie’s bestselling cleansing balm before removing with her face cloth to deep clean and gently polish skin in one.


Use a few drops of face oil on still-damp skin – the oil seals in water while being easily absorbed – if skin is left shiny you are using too much.


Swap a regular cream for a richer but not heavier (or greasier) cream - I love L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream because you can see the difference it makes.

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Use an old tooth brush with lip balm over lips twice a week to gently get rid of dry skin.


Mix one drop of hydrating serum into your foundation for a beautifully dewy skin finish. Or for evenings only (it doesn’t work for daylight) add half a drop of face oil to your base for a truly beautiful skin – it’s a trick they use a lot on the Red Carpet.

Try Darphin Hydraskin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum .

A hot red matte lip looks beautiful, but not on chapped, peeling lips! Try mixing colour with a lip balm for an on-trend lip stain, or use balm on the lips then blot before applying lipstick. We love Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Lip Repair Balm .

While we may up-date our make up with the new season colours, it’s also good to have a rethink on the textures. Putting powders on an already dry skin only helps make it look dull, while also adding a few years to the face. Cream textures are easy to use and far more flattering to a winter skin, or for oiler skin types gel-based blushers and eye shadows work really well.

I know we all love the easy-to-use BB creams but around about now our skin needs a little more help, cover and protection. The latest foundations don’t leave skin masked or heavy but do give more hydration.

3 Steps to a Healthy Winter Skin


SWAP powder blushers FOR cream based ones like Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Crème-Rouge Blusher .


SWAP dark summer bronzers FOR honey-toned shades that work better with paler winter skin. Try bareMinerals READY Bronzer .


SWAP self-tan FOR a gradual tan – a mix of body lotion and tan it gives you softer skin and a gorgeous glow. Try Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan .

The skin around the eyes get extra dry now, so invest in a creamy, hydrating concealer that covers without leaving skin lined or cakey. I love Benefit’s amazing Fake-Up , a clever combination of cover up and skin plumping hydration.

Keep make-up looking fresh and dewy throughout the day spritz on Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir (it’s the backstage skin essential at the catwalk shows), or spread a dab of serum over the palms of the hands before pressing over the face, and especially under the eyes – it’s the quickest way to refresh old make-up and dry skin.

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Spritz hair spray over a wide paddle brush before brushing through blow dried hair – it gives it a final shine and smoothes fly-away ends.

Brighten up dull winter-blonde hair by using a deep cleaning clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks – it lifts out product and pollution build-up to leave blonde bright again. Try Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo .


Give damaged hair a real treat by sleeping in an intensive hair mask – use Philip Kingsley’s award winning Elasticizer pre-shampoo or Kérastase Nutritive Mask Treatment post-shampoo.

One minute it’s a sleek curtain of glossy gorgeousness, the next as you step outside it’s a frizzy, frazzled mess. The problem is dry hair actively soaks up any moisture in the air to help hydrate it, and the result is the dreaded frizz.

The answer is to try to keep hair as moisturised and hydrated as possible – which is an on-going battle if you colour, blow dry or regularly straighten your hair.

Treat your hair as you do your skin, ensuring you use exactly the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type – to fight the frizz look for either moisturising ranges if hair is damaged or smoothing to help from step one.

Hair oils are brilliant to keep dry hair smooth and sleek – spread one drop over the palms before smoothing hands over the ends and mid lengths of hair – even burst an Omega oil capsule and use on very dry ends.

3 Good Frizz-fighters


Apply John Frieda 3 Day straight before blow drying for long lasting smoothness.


Straighten hair with the brilliant L'Oréal Professionnel Steam Pod – it leaves even ultra curly hair straighter for longer - our testers raved about this mini hair smoothing miracle. – or to enhance curl L'Oréal Professionnel Techni Art Nude Touch Soft Curls is beyond brilliant.


Spritz on Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray before going out – it’s your new frizz-fighting friend.

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