Despite the long, confusing list of notes, strengths and brands that even the blokes on the fragrance counter don’t seem to understand, picking a winter scent is not nearly as complicated as it seems. It’s all about picking a fragrance with the right wintery, warming ingredients, as expert Roja Dove explains. “In the winter we tend to become urbanites, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of spicy and woody notes. More sensual notes of soft vanilla and musk are also welcome!” Herewith, Roja’s essential winter, notes and three fragrances to match.


This is a warm, dry smelling oil, reminiscent of pencil shavings. It has a profound pungency, which is very masculine and natural smelling. It also has the ability to hold other materials well and will make a fragrance last.


Vanilla absolute is obtained from the seedpod of the tropical orchid Vanilla Planifolia which is grown commercially in Madagascar. Fine grade vanilla will take 18 months of treatment before it will be used in perfumery. The finest quality, vanilla bourbon, takes some 24 months to produce. The scent is intense, warm, very soft and balsamic. Vanilla is also a psychogenic aphrodisiac.


Is warm and extremely sensual. It is enveloping and sexy, very masculine and says in one sniff “this man is in charge”. It traditionally comes from castoreum, which produces a very dry, smoky, leather-note, or from labdanum, which gives a much softer, smoother, and more balsamic effect.

The Fragrance: Dior Homme Intense

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