Winter is the key time to stay on top of your beauty regimes. It’s all about keeping up with the simple tips and tricks that give you a real beauty boost and help beat the January blues. No fuss, minimal effort, DIY treatments that really work. Need a helping hand?
Why not take some inspiration from the feelunique
team as we share our ‘what works for us’ secrets.
I’ve learnt that minimal changes now can make a real difference later meaning no last minute panic once spring arrives and I’m sending my jumpers & tights back to the wardrobe. I love anything that’s double duty and speedy DIY. Body brushing (Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush ) is perfect with a detoxifying body scrub or a cleansing body oil like Elemis Cellutox is my beauty must. Try this 4/5 times a week, it should only take you a maximum of three minutes and you’ll soon start to see a difference! TIP – always work upwards – from your ankles to your bottom and your hands to your shoulders!
I’m finding at the minute with the grey skies and my pasty winter skin my fake tan can look a little ‘too fake’. During winter (just as it is with makeup) I’ve found less is more when it comes to tanning. I swear by Sienna X Express Tanning Mist it gives me a gorgeous golden finish rather than an intense shade, perfect for this time of year.
TIP – For a perfect pop of colour to compliment my tan I love toned down coral lipsticks (my favourite is YSL Lipstick in Corail Poetique ).
All I need to survive until Spring.
I’m loving the no make-up, make-up look this January. For me, the wintry months are all about a laid back approach to beauty – minimal and fresh. This also gives my skin chance to breathe and recover after the festive season. My two staple beauty products are a fabulous BB cream, try Dior’s amazing new Nude BB Cream I love it! And a peachy pink blusher like Clarins Blush Cheek Colour , a fresh face with just a hint of colour sees me through until spring.
TIP – I always get my eyebrows professionally tinted during winter, as I find the ends fade away to nothing. This instantly thickens & lengthens my eyebrows, with hair I didn’t even know existed.
I would love to keep my hair long, but once it grows too far past my shoulders, it gets lank and starts to thin, so I have regular cuts to maintain thickness and volume. I ask my hairdresser to cut long layers that are not too blunt. And I love to have a bouncy yet slightly messy blow-dry. I use Redken Rootful to create extra volume after washing and dry with a large round brush, my favourite is ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush .
Although my exercising tailed off a little over the festive period, I’ve now discovered the ‘Runtastic’ mobile app and it’s the perfect motivator. Whatever your exercise choice, from walking to running and even surfing if you fancy it, it gives you a calorie breakdown and great feedback for next time! My top tip would be to use Dior Svelte before you begin exercising as cellulite creams are shown to work even harder when your circulation is really going.
I love face masks and use them regularly throughout the year. At the moment I’m loving Caudalie Vinoperfect (perfect for sensitive skin) I leave it on for 10 minutes and remove with a muslin cloth. And if my skin is really dry I finish by massaging in Clarins Face Treatment Oil .
I’ve cut out alcohol, sugar & caffeine and I’m now juicing once a day instead –I’m also taking spirulina and iron supplements Fushi Organic Spirulina Capsules as well as Vitamin D and cherry juice for essential antioxidants. I’m addicted to Organic Pharmacy 3 Omega oils as they’ve totally transformed my skin.
PS – Raw chocolate is a great alternative to sugary treats – it contains no refined sugars or fats but tastes just as good if not better! Try out ‘conscious chocolate’ – orange flavour is the best!
I always follow the latest nail trends and this season’s foundation nails are the perfect barely there colour. I’ve invested in four colours from Nubar’s Totally French Collection Cherub is my favourite shade.
Benefit High Beam is my January essential. Once I’ve applied my foundation I use it on my cheek bones & brow bone to help give me a healthy glow. It’s also perfect size to carry around in my handbag so I can reapply in the evening if I’m going out straight from the office.
At the beginning of each New Year I always try something new to kick start feeling good. This year I’ve decided to try using a Hoola Hoop for just 10 minutes a day, I can do it at home, it’s easy and a lot of fun – I will have abs by summer!
I swear by Slendertone Abs Female
I wear this when I’m sat at my desk Monday – Friday for just 20 minutes. So I can get on with my work knowing the few extra pounds I put on during Christmas are hopefully being banished. I’m looking forward to going into Feb feeling more toned and slimmer – motivation in itself!
I find in January there is always more to look after than look forward to. Having tried many products to help with my static hair without success, I finally figured out that using Moroccanoil Treatment and (this may surprise you but trust me it works) using dryer sheets, the Moroccanoil prevents my hair from drying out and the dryer sheets tame any stray strands. I know it’s strange – but works like a charm.
I use Biotherm’s Aquasource Moisturiser every morning. It’s really moisturising and non-greasy, but when my skin is feeling particularly dry, I use the Biotherm Aquasource Mask once a week. It’s my at home spa treat.

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