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Louise Redknapp

Business woman, wife and mother of two, Louise Redknapp likes her beauty must-haves to be fast, easy and effective, which is exactly what she has achieved with the launch of Wild About Beauty, her brilliant new make-up and skincare range.

Make-up essentials:

The Botanical Skin Prep serum – it’s one of those make-up products that I thought who really has the time to use? Then I tried it and make-up just slides on. The Multi-purpose Tint for eyes, lips and cheeks – no glitter just a go-anywhere gloss. My tip is to use it on eyes and cheeks, or cheeks and lips – it’s a really natural makeup that still looks pulled together.Ultra Dewy Glow Stick I love this because it’s so quick to use, I can put this on and run out of the door. It’s perfect for the school run and whenever I use it people always comment on how well I look.

Make-up Golden Skin Glow

Daily Must-haves:


Tinted moisturiser then the Golden Skin Glow – it just rubs in and really lifts yours skin, people always ask if I’ve been away.


Duo eye pencil around the eye. I smudge it a little for day and then bump it up for evening with kohl inside the eyes and lots and lots of mascara. This bronzy brown is better than a black – black shuts up the eyes too much unless you want a specific look, or you are 19.

Best beauty tips:

1 Never, ever over pluck your eyebrows. When I was 16 we were doing our first photo shoot for Eternal and the make-up artist over plucked my brows but luckily I was young enough for them to grow back. Thicker brows are definitely more youthful.

2 Know your face; on a small face like mine I never do a strong lip and eye, it’s too much make-up.

Louise Redknapp

Beauty secret:

I see Dr Frances Prenna Jones once a month and she cleans up my skin and uses the red light on it. I had the worst pigmentation from being pregnant and having tried everything to get rid of it, it was Dr Prenna Jones who finally sorted it out for me.

My Look:

I didn’t find my look until I was about 35, it’s about having the confidence to dress for my lifestyle and that’s not about being in Manolo’s all day.

In the last five years I’ve learnt what works for me and I stick to it…

… but I do change my hair a lot; short, long, dark, blonde. In summer it’s more longer hair, Boho looks, in winter it’s more of a shorter, darker bob.

Louise Redknapp


I do Pilates – I’m not a gym bunny, I just can’t get into it. Plus I like the social element of going to a class. I’ve done all the workouts over the years and Pilates is the one where I can really fine tune the bits that need it. My Pilates teacher has four boys and the most amazing body, supple plus great posture and that’s the sort of body that inspires me.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp; the Wild About Beauty Mattifying Balm

On a bad face day I use…

The Botanical Skin Prep Serum as it always sorts my skin out, and the Rose Water Illuminating Serum – it gives the illusion of plump, glowy skin no matter what the reality is.

Fast track to dropping a few pounds.

The Dukan diet. I’ll do it for three days and it does work, but it’s only a quick fix. I’m healthy but also realistic about weight, and I’ve seen that all my friends who don’t diet or talk about losing weight all eat three meals a day but they eat well. That’s the real secret to being slim; eat sensibly and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

‘That’s the real secret to being slim; eat sensibly and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.’

What does your husband steal from you?

Mattifying Balm so he’s not shiny on television – it looks so much better than the make-up they use.

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