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The nation’s TV sweetheart talks to feelunique about her beauty must-haves, red carpet secrets and her celebrity beauty crush.

Make-Up Secrets...

When I’m at work, I’m lucky enough to have my hair and make-up done for me. When I’m at home, it’s all about quick simple things that work. My poor husband sees the worst side of me because I’m always in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt!

If I have 5 minutes just before the school run, I apply tinted moisturiser, curl my eyelashes, apply some mascara and lip balm and then just scrape my hair back. With 30 minutes to get ready, I’d probably do the same but I’d add a bit of eyeliner, blusher, some colour to my lips, and maybe blowdry the front section of my hair. Try Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Pink Bluff .

‘To go from day-to-night I curl my hair and paint my nails with one of Essie’s pretty nail varnishes’

Red Carpet Rules

When I’m doing something like a red carpet event my make-up is pretty much the same as always, but a bit vamped up. I might wear a red lip and go for slightly stronger eyeliner on my top and bottom lashes and wear it with a flick. I always use Eylure Lashes during the day when I’m on TV, but I often wear a bigger, more fluttery pair on the red carpet. Try Guerlain Rouge in Girly .

Skin Advice

Don’t burn your skin in the sun. I think we used to be a nation of sun worshippers but I’ve learnt from various skin experts and make-up artists that it’s so important to protect your skin. Once it’s burnt it’s damaged, so it’s best to use a great sun lotion. Try Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion High SPF30 .

Holly Willoughby

Beauty Icon

Beauty comes in many forms, and I love seeing a woman who’s incredibly natural and confident in her own skin. Heidi Klum has a beautiful face with big bright eyes and a big shiny smile. She just looks very beautiful and seems happy in her own skin.

Glam Mummy

Being a mum definitely changes your beauty regime as you just don’t have as much time to spend on yourself, so everything needs to be quick, fast and simple. There’s a bit of a theme when it comes to my routine - I like one product to do an awful lot of things.

My 3 Beauty Essentials...


Oral B’s 3D White Luxe Toothpaste is fantastic because it keeps my teeth protected from stains and looking shiny and healthy. Seeing the dentist regularly is really important but sometimes it’s hard to fit appointments into our busy lives. This toothpaste does all the stuff a dentist would be happy with. Oral B Professional Care Triumph 4000 Toothbrush .


Shu Uemura’s Art of Hair Essence Absolue is a bit of a multi-tasker because you can apply it to your ends and leave it on as a treatment and use it to fight frizz in between blowdries.


I have to get up early for work which isn’t ideal for my skin. I’m very lucky though as I have a brilliant make-up artist who creates the illusion that my skin is flawless. I try to go to bed as early as I can, drink lots of water and I use my Clarisonic Pink Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System for fresh, clean skin.

‘I have a bit of a thing for flossing my teeth and always keep floss in my handbag. It’s quite addictive!’

Healthy Hair

I’m always having my hair blowdried and I have highlights, so I put my hair under quite a lot of stress which means I really have to look after it. I apply oil to my hair when it’s wet before drying it to help condition and protect it.

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