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Actress, mother, blogger and self-confessed foodie Gwyneth Paltrow shares her skincare essentials, favourite fashion pieces and reveals how she stays in shape. Plus we’ve got the inside scoop on how she gets her hair so super-glam (straight from her hairstylist)...

Signature Scent...

I really like Hugo Boss’ Boss Nuit Pour Femme . It’s fresh, floral, and feminine and it makes you feel happy. I like how it’s elegant yet strong and it gives you an upward energy. Hugo Boss’ Boss Nuit Pour Femme Deodorant Spray .

Everyday Make-Up...

My beauty routine is embarrassingly simple. I don’t wear much make-up if I’m not working but I am good with moisturiser and I always wear mascara - that’s my beauty essential. I’m also hooked on Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation .

My Travel Buddies

Philip Kingsley’s little travel pack is a great introduction to his line and leaves hair incredibly soft and healthy feeling. The shampoo is seriously so great. Philip Kingsley Body & Volume Jet Set .

Mavala make these mini nail polishes which are ideal for travel. I love buying colours in small quantities as trends change so quickly. Mavala Art Colour Collection .


‘I add antioxidant powder to my water after working out’


‘The beauty tips I swear by are sleep, exercise and water; that’s pretty much it’

Wardrobe Must-Haves

It’s about ease for me so I’ve always had a uniform. My most-trusted fashion pieces for night are a little black dress or jumpsuit, something easy that’s all in one thing, and then jeans and a blazer for day.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Skin Essentials...

I’ve been obsessed with my Clarisonic ever since I started using it. I’ve seen a real difference in my skin.

Body Secrets...

I follow Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis Method. I like to exercise a lot and I also love to dance, it’s become a bit of a hobby of mine.

Girl Power

I really like the idea that the modern woman has many facets to her. You can be more than one thing; you can be at home with your kids, you can be the cook at home, you can do the garden and you can be kick-ass at work.

‘I think perfume is like fashion and make-up, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself.’

Free Time

I love to cook and I like doing things at home like decorating.

3 steps to get Gwyneth’s super-glam blowdry, from Pureology hairstylist George Northwood...


‘Gwyneth likes her hair to be smooth but not poker-straight. I always start by applying Redken’s Heat Styling Duo-Shield to towel-dried hair on the mid-lengths and ends’


‘I rough dry her hair until its 90% dry, then I divide it into sections and dry it with a ceramic brush for smoothness and shine’ We love ghd’s Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 2 .


‘To finish, I run Pureology’s Stylist Cuticle Polisher through the ends followed by Pureology’s Hairspray all over. To cleanse and condition Gwyneth’s hair I use Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner – they boost her colour and shine’

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