Interview by Alice Manning

I’m loving the new Skin Perfection range, especially the Serum and Instant Blur which creates a more even, flawless skin tone. I always apply the serum before bed as that’s when your skin regenerates and repairs. L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum and Magic Touch Instant Blur .

I still don’t get why people call me a beauty icon. It’s so flattering don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get it. There are so many beautiful women out there but my icon is Marilyn Monroe. Someone got me a book for my birthday with never-before-seen pictures of her. Totally un-retouched, she is just stunning.

I’m still doing the Tracy Anderson Method, I swear by it. I see a trainer and they change the programme after every 10 sessions, you have to keep your body guessing. I also use the DVD at home.

I don’t follow any strict diets, I just eat sensibly. I’m not eating McDonald’s or pizza every day but I do allow myself one cheat day a week, normally on a Sunday. I have a really sweet tooth and love cupcakes, doughnuts and basically anything that’s really bad for you.

I make sure I scrub and moisturise my body in between tanning as it’s really important to prevent patchiness. I like gel and cream fake tans but I find sprays easiest to use. L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Pro Spray Dark .

I love that just-washed smell and anything really fresh like baby powder. When it comes to my perfume, I’m not big into musky or spicy ingredients, more floral. I recently bought a Glade With Love Candle which I’m loving for at home. Hugo Boss Orange Women Eau De Toilette .

I’ve worked with my hairstylist Lisa Laudat for years and I’ve learnt loads from her. I swear she still has some beauty secrets she hasn’t shared with me yet but I’m onto her. She taught me to section my hair before applying styling products for a more even distribution and better results. L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil .

* Cheryl is a L’Oréal Paris spokesmodel and the face of Skin Perfection Skincare.

I’d never wear a full face of make-up if I had the day off, I couldn't think of anything worse! I love this BB cream as it has skincare benefits and a subtle tint to it. That and mascara and I’m good to go. L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection 5-in-1 Instant Complexion Correcting Beauty Balm.

I like going slightly lighter in the summer with my hair colour. I’m really good at using weekly hair masks to keep it in good condition. I went away for my birthday and didn’t use a mask as often as I normally would and I really noticed the difference. It’s just something you’ve got to do. L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask .

I used to have nail extensions but I stopped having them in April and I’m loving my natural nails, they are mine all mine. I like natural pink-y colours and I sometimes just wear a clear topcoat. Essie 3-Way Glaze and Nail Colour in Hi Maintenance .

Cuticle cream is good for making my nails stronger as they still aren’t what they used to be, because of the extensions. Essie apricot Cuticle Oil .

I first heard about Clarisonic from a friend of mine and she very sweetly bought me one. Clarisonic Classic Skin Cleansing System .

I’ve definitely learnt that less is more. When you’re younger you take blue eyeshadow and cover yourself in it, whereas now I know to start with less. I think about the tones I’m wearing too, so if I’m wearing a pink dress I won’t go for a red lip.

The beauty advice my mum gave me was to just to go with what works for you. Work with your natural beauty and don’t try something just because it works on someone else, go for what works for you.

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