It’s our party make-up staple, but for an up-date on how to get that professional finish here is our lowdown on the best tips and tricks for the sexiest smoky eyes.
The Look: Rock chick chic, it’s about getting a real intensity of smoky, smudgy black around the eye.
The Trick:
You need something for the black shadow to grab onto,’ so it doesn’t go patchy explains top makeup artist Alex Babsky So first line the eyes with a soft black pencil – if you want a really intense eye you can even run the pencil all over the eye lid – and be generous with it as it will crease. Then use a flat rounded brush to gently smudge out the pencil to give a slightly softer edge, and finally apply the black eye shadow – matte, glitter, whatever you like – over the top. Press the shadow into the pencil rather than brushing it over so it really ‘sets’.
The Tip:
To get that real intensity get the black pencil right into the roots of the lashes: ‘lift up the brow so you can get right into the lashes, and finish with the black inside the eye, and mascara top and bottom,’ advised Babsky.

The Look: The modern update on plain black, it looks great in deep, dark shades of chocolate, deep purple or navy, plus it gives the smoky eye a more almond shape.
The Trick:
‘You need to get the right angle for the wing. Start with a liner on the inner corner of the lower lashes and as you get to the outer corner, look straight dead ahead and follow up at the same angle as the bottom line of lashes. This gives you the perfect angled ‘wing’,’ says Babsky. Then use a fluffy eye shadow brush to apply the shadow on the top lid.
The Tip:
‘It’s about having a mix of textures too, matte and shine, or shine and glitter, it’s the key to that gorgeous glistening eye. Use the shiniest shadow bang in the centre of the top lid and in the little dip right in the inner corner of the eyes.’

The Look: Strong and defined, rather than soft and smudgy, it works equally as well with a strong, dark or nude lip.
The Trick:
‘Use a gel liner with a fine brush – choose a brush that is the width of the line you want, this way you can lie if flat against the skin and so as you pull it along the lash line you get the perfect line.’
The Tip:
‘Start in the top inside corner and draw the line along the whole length of the lashes, then do a second line to take the flick out – don’t try to do it all in one go. Take the liner underneath the eye and finish with the black kohl inside all of the eye. If you want to slightly soften the look, run over the liner with black powder shadow – it slightly blurs the edges.’

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