Perfect Legs A busy lifestyle, high heels and a poor diet all contribute to puffy legs. To instantly improve matters from the comfort of your sofa ‘sit with your back supported and massage your legs, starting at the ankles and working up towards the thighs,’ advises beauty expert Nichola Joss, whose clients include Kate Moss. ‘Gently squeeze as you massage up the leg to de-puff, drain fluid and help to tone muscles.’ You can work over clothing, or if on bare skin use a detox oil. Joss also recommends a night-time detox tea with added honey.

Try Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil and Caudalie’s Draining Tea

Better Bottom ‘My latest obsession is the resistance band,’ says fitness guru Simone De La Rue, trainer Naomi Watts.

Repeat for 20 reps and change legs.

Visit for more workout inspiration.

Try Casall’s Exetube and a gorgeous firming cream like Darphin’s Firming Velvet Cream

Playlist essentials Simone’s three energy-boosting songs to work-out to…

1. Get Lucky by
Daft Punk

2. That Power by featuring Justin Bieber

3. Pusher Love Girl by
Justin Timberlake

Eat right For the perfect anti-hunger-pang eating plan we went to Gunnar Peterson, the trainer behind Ciara and Sofia Vergara…

Pre-exercise “Eat light so that your blood can get to the muscles during training instead of being diverted to being used to digest – otherwise you’ll suffer from cramps,” warns Peterson.

Ideal meal: Slice of raisin toast with low-fat spread.

Post-exercise “Combine carbs and lean protein within an hour of exercising so your body has all it needs to start the rebuilding process.”

Ideal meal: Low-fat yogurt with a piece of fruit.

Gunnar’s Essential Exercise ‘If you only introduce one exercise into your life to improve the tone and texture of your skin, it has to be skipping,’ explains Peterson. ‘It works the whole body and improves circulation which is key to healthy skin.’

Try Casall’s Skipping Rope

Tip: Apply a toning gel pre-workout like Dior – studies show it has even better effects than when used without exercise.

Celebrity Smoothie… nutritionist and author of The Beauty Solution, Kimberly Snyder, recommends her Glowing Green juice to clients, including Fergie and Drew Barrymore. Blend 2 cups water, one handful of organic spinach, the head of a romaine lettuce, the juice of ½ lemon, 3 sticks of organic celery, 1 organic banana, pear and apple. Enjoy!

Desk move Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s personal trainer and Bodyism founder, James Duigan, recommends keeping a resistance band on your desk. Put it around your ankles and sit with your feet together. Separate your feet to stretch the band, then bring them back together and do this for 20 reps. Next, slide the band higher up your legs so that it sits just above your knees and repeat. “Do this twice a day and you’ll notice a tighter butt in no time,” says Duigan.

Bingos be gone Luke Meessmann, a master trainer at TenPilates (Claudia Schiffer is a fan) has come up with this at-home exercise for targeting arms and shoulders. Stand tall with your knees and feet hip-width apart holding either some light weights (no more than 5kg) or a full 1.5 litre water bottle in each hand. Draw shoulders down and arms back just past your bum so that you feel the back of your arms working. Curl your arms up to your shoulders and then shoulder press your arms above your head. Perform for two minutes or until tired.

Good hair day = great body day Make exercise part of your daily routine to save time. ‘While drying your hair, hold a static squat position to target all of the leg, butt and tummy muscles,’ says Duigan.

The flat tummy plan try James Duigan de-bloating food plan…

Breakfast Organic, full-fat yoghurt with sliced avocado, pistachios and figs. It’s quick to make, tasty and packed full of nutrients and healthy fats.

Lunch Superfood salad of broccoli, quinoa, pomegranate, chicken, peas, mint and chillis. This is packed full of fibre to help remove toxins from your body and help flatten your tummy.

Dinner Whole-baked sea bass with salsa verde and grilled asparagus. This is rich in protein, light and full of fresh ingredients.

A-list Attire Introducing the fitness brand du jour, Zaggora. Everyone’s working out in it from Denise Richards to Millie Mackintosh and Natalia Vodianova.

Remember… Eating protein will fight sugar cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Snack Swap: Swapping your daily latte for a black Americano will save you 110 calories per day and 770 per week.

Snack Swap: ‘A handful of nuts and berries is a great combo as a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack,” explains Duigan. Note to self, a handful is less than 10 nuts, not a whole packet; although high in healthy Omega-3 fat, nuts are high in calories. A safer option would be two rice cakes with nut butter.

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