It takes more than red roses and a romantic dinner to impress, it’s time to sharpen up your look this Valentine’s Day -Teo van den Broeke tells you how.

The notion of a sexy scent is difficult to define. Fragrances stir emotions and memories, and while one person might be deeply attracted to the scent that you’re wearing, another may be deeply repelled.
Thus, the key to discovering the one she’s drawn to is to experiment with a few different options. In the meantime however, hedge your bets with a woody fragrance imbued with bold animalic notes. The heady mix of carnal patchouli, spicy black pepper and warm vetiver in Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit De L’Homme will ensure your evening goes exactly as planned.Try La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Apologies for seeming crass, but champagne, flowers and sweet nothings aside, Valentine’s Day is all about the end game. And if downstairs isn’t in order, then what’s it all been for? The first step; give everything a trim. Using a pair of small sharp scissors – being very careful indeed – trim around a centimeter (no more) off the entire area. Work in a methodical way taking one section of hair at a time – you’ve seen your hairdresser do it a thousand times.Try Tweezerman Facial Hair Scissors

Secondly, use a body exfoliator to give the area – including your bottom – a scrub. Dead skin, excess oil and dirt can result in unpleasant smells and blemishes. Do this a couple of times in the week leading up to the main event and you’ll be fresh for the big day.Try Aromatherapy Associates Natural Exfoliating Grains

Finally, wash. Properly. Everywhere. Using this…

American Crew Tea Tree Purifying Body Wash

Aside from the obvious (have a shave, pluck the stray hairs which are starting to look like a unibrow, wash your face etc), make a little extra effort and you’ll reap the rewards. Firstly, apply a soothing moisturiser with a little added self tanner to give yourself a subtle glow – be sure to avoid your facial hairs and apply conservatively, less is more here.Try Shiseido Men Moisturising Self-Tanner

Second, use an eye contour gel to help eradicate puffiness and brighten dark circles, the only person who can make eye bags look good is Benicio Del Toro – and even he pushes it.Try Decelor Men Essentials Eye Countour Energiser Gel

Finally, apply a little concealer to blemishes and your under eye area. Mix with an eye contour lotion to ensure a subtle finish, it’ll brighten everything up and make you look healthier, which she’ll definitely appreciate. This manly looking option from Shiseido is ideal, use sparingly for the best results

Try Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer

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