Tanning is an art. An art very often bastardised by over-zealous men in the public eye (think David Dickinson and Peter Andre). That said, there are a few (very few, mind) who get it right.

The key to getting a good tan – if you’re faking it - is to go a few shades lighter than you’d really like to, then at least you can top up gradually instead of spending hours over the sink scrubbing off your orange glow, and to use a high quality product with proven results.

If you’re going for a real tan (shock, horror) the key is to start with a high SPF cream and gradually decrease as you acclimatise to the sun.

Here, tanning expert James Harknett picks his favourite celebrity tans right now (and shows you how to get them yourself).

Bradley Cooper carries off that sun kissed hue with a barely there glow. By avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun he achieves a naturally healthy tan.

The Cooper look is achieved by one subtle coat of a lighter, less intense fake tan (preferably airbrushed on!)

The Product: Fake Bake Airbrush

David Beckham is the perfect example of this. He has carried off a natural look of golden wellbeing for almost 2 decades, and does so by ensuring he wears a high Factor SPF. This gives him the benefit of a consistent warm colour that doesn't go too dark.

A good face and body gradual tan is a key product to achieve this look. A gentle layer, done bi-weekly ensures golden results.

The Product: St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body

One gentleman who leads the pack with his perma-intense yet still natural tan is George Clooney. George’s skin is bronzed all year round, but still looks nourished and well taken care of.

This look can be achieved with a stronger, darker type of tanner. Applied weekly, this will maintain a strong finish. For the face, blend with your daily moisturiser and no one will know you're faking!

The Product: Sienna X Dark Glowing Lotion

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