Sweeping changes rarely last so instead I’ve learnt to slot small changes into my everyday life, that way I actually do it rather than give up on day two. It was Elle MacPherson who got me on to this approach, and who can argue with a great tip from The Body? She uses an oil and salt scrub daily as the fast track to keeping skin buffed, soft and glowing. It’s fast and it works, plus exfoliating skin daily really does have a big effect. Life’s too short for daily body brushing but do use a salt scrub (or any scrub) always working upwards from the ankles makes it into a lymph-draining treatment – the same goes when applying a body lotion. And finally, one of the top leg models told me that her secret was to do squats while cleaning her teeth; the timer on a Sonic tooth brush gives you two minutes, twice a day of bottom toning time. Click here to view my beach beauty essentials…

There’s no miracle cure for cellulite, but some lotions and potions do that bit more than the rest. Hence why I like Shiseido’s Advanced Body Creator because when we got our tough testing panel to try it we got some glowing reports. Stick with the programme (twice daily, every day) and it does help smooth out those lumpy, puffy bits – plus the scent is cleverly created to trigger the release of nonadrenalin to help fat burning. If you want to try it for yourself I have five to give away, for details see below.

Talking of hitting those trouble spots, we have the perfect – and scientifically proven – alternative to hours at the gym. In the search for the best exercises ever (as in the one that works each problem part the hardest) we have tracked down the researchers who put the most popular exercises, for bottom, stomach and arms, through their paces and the results are fascinating.

To discover more click here to read Your Bikini Body Countdown: The World’s Best Exercises .

Massage a gritty scrub into dry skin, then damp skin for extra smoothing effects. I like Bliss Foot Patrol .

Massage This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil into feet last thing for super-soft skin and a great night’s sleep – it does work.

Up-date your pedi with this summer’s hottest shade – turquoise. I love Dior’s polish duo (an opaque and shimmer) in Samba.

It’s the super luxe look that everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton has been wearing both for fashion and make-up. And it is the one colour that (in the right shade for you) seems to suit almost everyone. The prettiest mix of honey, peach and flesh tone is also now the hot colour for everything from lips to cheeks and from eyes to nails. As the ultra-chic up-date on that every shade of beige make-up look, this is about choosing gorgeous fleshy tones in a choice of textures – gloss to shimmer to satin – and mixing and matching them for the most glamorous summer look. For the low down on what to wear and how to wear it click here to read All About Nude .

Best for Lips: Keep it glossy, not matte or too pale (too Sixties).

Best for Eyes: Blend a sheeny peachy nude cream over lids and finish with lashing of black mascara for the perfect ‘St Tropez Eye’.

Best for Skin: Honey toned highlights looks gorgeous on summer tanned skin.

If you too like big gorgeous lashes then you’ll love Maybelline’s new Mega Plush Mascara . Lashes look long, feathery and full.

Start now using a dedicated UV cream daily – your face will thank you in the future. Try Lancôme UV Expert .

Decleor’s up-dated super hydrating Hydra Floral Multi Protection Mask leaves dry city skin transformed.

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    Caroline on Jul 17th, 2013 at 7:16 am

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