My multi-tasking tip is to take all the essentials (skin scrub, massage, body brush) and roll them into one quick treatment; mix a handful of table salt (not the fancy, coarser sea salt) with some body oil like Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil and massage over dry or damp skin. Always work up, from ankles and wrists, as this helps water retention. When showered off (or the salt dissolves in the bath), your skin is left polished, moisturised and massaged – do this every other day and you’ll see a difference in weeks.It’s also a good time to start getting into a regular self-tanning routine, I love Xen Tan Moroccan Tan or for a quick cover up mix a bit of bronzing gel into your body lotion, try Caudalie Divine Legs (mix it in your hands, not on the skin) and blend over bare arms and legs – massaging it in helps get an even and more stay-put colour.Click here to shop my Spring Body Essentials…

Life’s too short to layer up all the products our skin needs which is why Garnier Ambre Solaire’s new BB Cream SPF 30 or 50 is such a genius product. The perfect mix of hydrating skincare, great colour, radiance and a reliable skin-protecting SPF – it’s our new summer skin staple.
The new rules
for spring hair
are pretty
straight forward.
No fringes;
start to grow
yours out now
to a more
Sixties style
low sweep of
hair across the forehead.
Sharp partings; either bang on centre or worn low to the side – either way it needs to look neat and precise. Low ponys; whether pulled back into a ponytail, twist or bun, wear it low in the nape of the neck and keep it clean. Mixed up texture; either sleek and shiny or messed up and surfy – or even both on the same head. Keep the ends fuller, it’s all about width in the lengths this spring not height on the crown.Click here to read Whats Hot For Hair NOW…
Prep with Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub – matte lips need to start smooth.
When choosing your bright shade go for the one that makes eyes and teeth look whiter – it’s guaranteed to be the most flattering.
For lasting colour first fill in lips with
a matching lip pencil; if new to brights tap, on colour with a fingertip for more of a lip stain – then build up the colour and intensity as you want. YSL have a great range of lip pencil colours.
A bright lip looks best worn with matte skin and minimal eye – a coat of mascara and little else. Try Guerlain’s brilliant Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow for sheer golden colour with a beautiful velvety skin finish.
Mixing line-plumping skin care with second skin coverage, Benefit’s Fake Up is the perfect under eye concealer – brilliant for making tired eyes (and faces) look bright fast.
Elizabeth Arden’s Bold Eye Pencil in Platinum Glow makes a great highlighter blended over brow bones, in the cupids bow and on the inner corner of the eyes – use anywhere you want that pop of pretty shimmer.
Sampar’s super smart 3 Day Weekend doesn’t use self-tan but it still gives dull skin the prettiest sunny glow – it’s our new skin addiction that we just love.
For some more easy tweaks read nutrionist Ian Marber’s three simple steps to a better body in his story Fast track to a flat stomach .

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