Imagine a steam iron combined with straighteners and a detangling comb. This revolutionary at-home hair tool is your new solution to staying sleek and chic.

We know, we had steam straighteners in the Nineties but cast aside those memories of singed ends because they are back and better than ever. I’ve tried and tested the Steampod and have to tell you it really works. It left my hair straight and silky for three whole days and – after just one use – it completely changed the texture from frazzled and damaged to soft and silky.

It’s your summer holiday essential and pre-nightclub must-have as the steam hydrates the hair and keeps it smooth, however humid it gets.

Apply hair oil pre-straightening for extra nourishment – the steam encourages deeper penetration of the nourishing oil.

Frizzy hair is caused by dehydration so it acts like a sponge, trying to soak up as much moisture from the air as possible. Click here for our favourite moisture-boosting hair products .

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