If your get up and go has long gone then you need our guide to boosting flagging energy levels, reviving a tired mind and body and making a partied-out skin look fresh and glowing again. With tips and tricks from the best health and beauty experts for pre-party and the dreaded morning after, it’s all you need to get you through the New Year. By Newby Hands
‘Pre-party put skin gels, face masks and tonics in the fridge – the cold works as a fast antidote to red or puffy skin, and makes skin glow.’
Margo Marrone, The Organic. Pharmacy.
‘My daily essentials now are Detox Capsules, Skin Radiance Capsules and Intense Probiotics to keep me full of energy, my skin hydrated and my stomach as flat as it can be.’
Margo Marrone, The Organic Pharmacy
‘Splash your face with cold water (to firm and de-puff skin) then put on a face mask packed full of uplifting ingredients and have a boogie in front the mirror for 10 minutes. Remove the mask and massage in a nourishing moisturiser as a makeup primer.’
Claire Groves, Jurlique consultant.
‘Pre-party use a reviving body gel, massage oil or body brush to boost the circulation in tired, heavy legs – always massage upwards from your ankles.’Margo Marrone,
The Organic Pharmacy.
‘Brightening eye drops are amazing – all the actresses I work with are obsessed with them.’
Kay Montano, make-up artist.
‘When you want fresh, radiant skin nothing works better than vitamin C. When Charlize Theron or Katy Perry visit the spa before a big event, before we send them out the door we apply my Truth Serum Collagen Booster with five types of Vitamin C.’
Ole Henriksen.
‘On tired skin mix a scrub with a face wash like Nuxe Eau de Mousse Micellaire , and really massage it in. Remove then splash with really cold water – my eyes swell up when I’m tired so I’m obsessed with using lots of cold water.’
Kay Montano, make-up artist.
‘Massage on a skin oil (I love the Decleor oils) while skin is still damp; it really hydrates the skin, making it plump and dewy and smelling great.’
Kay Montano, make-up artist.
‘Close your eyes and place your ring fingers directly under your eyebrows, near the bridge of your nose. Slowly increase the pressure for 5-10 seconds, then gently release. Repeat three times – it’s great for dark circles and puffy eyes.’
Claire Groves, Jurlique consultant.
‘If you find it hard to sleep after a big party use vetivert essential oil – lavender is relaxing but vetivert works like knock out drops.’
Geraldine Howard, Aromatherapy Associates.
‘Take Vitamin B and C; both energise the body, and  Vitamin B is terrific to help eliminate toxins.’Pauline Hill, Nourish.
‘Take CoQ10 and kelp supplements to keep energy levels up during these next few weeks.’
Ian Marber, nutritionist.
‘Milk thistle and Ester C capsules are a must. Take 15 drops of milk thistle before a night out along with three capsules of Ester C and the next morning repeat both doses to support the liver (from alcohol) and keep nausea at bay.’
Margo Marrone, The Organic Pharmacy.
‘Drink lots of green tea, and try a smoothie made with berries, unsweetened soya milk, a shot of wheatgrass powder and vitamin B complex for a pick-me-up.’
Pauline Hill, Nourish.
‘Eat a low fat/high protein breakfast, such as eggs and a piece of granary toast – the combination helps balance energy and won’t tax an already stressed liver.’Ian Marber, nutritionist.
‘Chill eye gels in the fridge before using on morning-after eyes.’
Ole Henriksen.
‘Spritz on rosewater balancing mist straight from the fridge. The cold refreshes the skin and the scent uplifts the senses.’
Claire Groves, Jurlique consultant.
‘To relax an aching head place thumbs behind your ears while spreading your fingers on top of your head. Move your scalp back and forth slightly by making circles with your fingertips for 15 seconds. Or try this to relax the muscles and clear the mind. Place your fingertips at the bridge of your nose and slowly slide your fingers down your nose and across the top of your cheekbones to the outside of your eyes. Repeat 3-4 times.’
Claire Groves, Jurlique Consultant.
‘Rosemary essential oil is great when you have overindulged, and citrus oils are wonderful for getting you up and at it – use on the skin just before getting in the shower so the warm water helps release the aroma.’
Geraldine Howard, Aromatherapy Associates.
‘Fresh air is always restorative so force yourself to get up and out.’
Pauline Hill, Nourish.
Newby Hands‘A 2000mg dose of vitamin C and a couple of glasses of water gives me a quick lift when I want to go home rather than go out. A warm, not hot shower, with a citrus or minty wash or oil helps, as does finishing with a cool –or as cold as you can take – final blast in the shower (just doing your legs is brilliant), then slather oil or lotion on to still-damp skin to leave it extra hydrated.’

‘For the face I use a peel, then a hydrating mask mixed with or layered over a vitamin C or hydrating serum, and rather than removing it massage it well into the skin to leave it dewy and glowing.’

‘A glass of milk or juice by the bed can help you sleep when an alcohol induced drop in sugar levels leaves you wired but tired. And the morning after remember the secret is to keep make-up light and fresh rather than trying to cover everything up – tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara and blush work wonders.’

Teo van den Broeke
‘I motivate myself before heading out by having a hot shower with lots of invigorating product – a good 20 minute nap will also help. My ultimate pick me up is a squirt of my favourite fragrance; it gets me in the mood for leaving the house, makes me feel more attractive and generally lifts my mood.’

‘To minimise the morning after I’m loading up on Milk Thistle tablets, which contain silymarin and help protect and repair the liver – useful when every night is party night. When I’m hung-over the best way to feel better – other than drinking lots and lots of water (being hung-over is basically being acutely dehydrated) is to have a shave and exfoliate my face. It will refresh and soften tight, booze-addled skin and make you look less grey.’

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