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For the lowdown on how to make this season's hottest looks work for you, we asked Benefit’s make-up artist Lisa Potter Dixon for her tips and tricks to getting the perfect dewy skin, contoured eye and the new ‘power brow’.

By Newby Hands

Click here for how to get Dewy Skin... Click here for how to get a Contoured Eye... Click here for how to get a Power Brow...

Dewy Skin

Think radiant and glowing, with that peachy velvet texture.


‘Always go for a light base and then use concealer for blemishes, rather than opting for a heavy foundation.’


PREP using a moisturiser to hydrate the skin.

TIP: Spend 30 seconds really massaging it in to get that plumped up skin.


PRIME using a liquid highlighter; blend a few dots over the cheek, forehead and chin and then using a blusher brush really buff it into the skin, working in circles. Work all over the face as this is not about highlighting one area but getting that dewy base all over.

TIP: For a yellow/olive skin tone use a gold toned highlighter try Benefit Sun Beam ; on a pink skin tone use a silver or white one try Benefit High Beam .


PERFECT using a liquid foundation blended on with a flat foundation brush - start from the nose and work out towards to the hair line (you need more on the inner face, not outer). Only use concealer where needed - pat it on and blend with your ring finger.

Try DIORSKIN NUDE Fluid Foundation with Benefit Foundation Brush

‘The key is to take this in stages, first prepping the skin, then priming and finally perfecting it,’ explains Lisa.

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Contoured Eye

Accentuating the contour of the eye gives a super polished looks that is super simple to do.

Rather than trying to find the perfect neutral eye shadow, use a matt bronzer – but it has to be matte, nothing sheeny, to look modern try Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder .

Using a slightly fluffy powder eye shadow brush, the trick is to look straight ahead and, keeping the eyes open, place the brush in the centre of the eye socket crease before sweeping the brush slightly back and forth along the socket line. Don’t take it out further than level with the end of the eyes.

To get a more polished look first use an eye primer on the lid, and finish with a highlight patted into the centre of the lid, near the lash line, to make eyes ‘pop’ – it’s a great evening look try Benefit Watts Up – then finish with liner and mascara.


For a cooler, catwalk look use a flat fan brush to get a straighter contour line.

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Power Brow

A strong defined brow, combed up, really helps open up the eyes.


For DIY tinting keep the dye on for literally a second until sure of the effect – you can always build up colour.

‘Getting brows professionally tinted and shaped takes minutes and lasts for weeks - brows instantly look thicker, fuller and more defined,’ advises Lisa.

Use a powder gel shadow (and brush) or pencil and working in small strokes start at the outer end of brows and work inwards (against the hairs), then do the same but working from the inner brow out to the temples. Either work through the whole brow, or focus on accentuating the upper line of the brow to lift and open the eyes. Finally brush through for a groomed finish. Try Benefit Brow Zings

TIP: When choosing a shadow or pencil remember brows should be the same colour as the darkest hair on your head.

For better brows in an instant use a brow gel – brush diagonally upwards for a groomed finish, or spritz hair spray on an old tooth brush to brush and ‘set’ brows.

TIP: Lash and brow boosting serums help fill in gaps and fill out sparse hair. Use Prevage Brow Enhancing Serum or Rapidbrow Eyebrow Serum , daily.

Click here for how to get Dewy Skin >

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    Nicole Robertson on Sep 22nd, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Thank you i love these make up master classes I love learning & I enjoy experimenting with hair make up clothes different looks I love having fun with fashion
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