Kylie’s Beauty Secrets

Kylie is back on our screens in The Voice and is looking better than ever. We spoke to her make-up artist Christian Vermaak and our brand ambassador to find out the secrets behind her flawless, dewy look including the beauty products you’d find in her dressing room...

The Secrets to... Kylie's Gorgeous Skin

The Secrets to... Kylie's Sultry Eyes

‘I always start with one coat of mascara to give the eyes shape. I avoid too much colour on Kylie’s eyes; she prefers gold’s, golden-pinks and neutrals and we tend to go for cream shadows for an over-all dewy finish. I use black kohl along her upper lash line and flick it up and out towards the end of her brow. I go over that with a liquid black liner, really getting it in between the lashes for depth. I add mascara (two types to be precise, read on for the details) before brushing up her brows and applying Benefit’s Brow Zing with an angled brush to elongate the length.’


‘While gold shadow looks great on blue eyes, purple and burgundy shades make green eyes pop and dark, shimmery chocolate and espresso colours really enhance brown.’

The Secrets to... Kylie's Killer Lashes


‘I always start with a few coats of L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara as it creates really fat, fluffy jet-black lashes.’


‘Once dry, I go over with Lancôme Doll Eyes for a glossy, lacquered effect. The tip of the wand is really fine and great for getting all the smaller lashes in the inner corners.’


‘For a super-glam evening look, I add three or four individual lashes to the outer corners. They really enhance Kylie’s feline eye shape.’

The Secrets to... Kylie's Pretty Pink Lip

‘She’s wearing a lot of really girly pinky-nudes with a balmy finish right now. Using a soft pink liner, I take it along her lip line and over her entire mouth. Then I apply lipstick in the same colour over the top before dabbing lip balm in the centre of her lips so they look hydrated.’

The Secrets to... Kylie's Beautiful Body

‘It’s simple; I mix equal parts of body bronzer and body cream and really rub it in for sheeny skin with a hint of colour.’

The Essential Kylie Body Kit:

Nina Ricci Nina Body Loton

Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Make Up

‘Kylie’s dewiness is all down to creamy products and minimal powder. I avoid prepping her skin with moisturiser as the foundation would just slide off. I apply a light layer of YSL Touche Éclat Foundation with a buffing brush for a light, even finish. The foundation is great as it’s iridescent and naturally highlights and contours Kylie’s features. A little of Benefit Boi-ing Concealer over any areas that need covering (it’s so easy to blend) and YSL Touch Éclat under her eyes to boost brightness and she’s camera ready.’


‘If you have oily skin you can still go for a dewy finish, just apply a mattifying primer under foundation to help control excess oil.’ Christian loves Benefit The POREfessional Balm Primer.

‘When Kylie is in the make-up chair it’s her time to really unwind so I try and make her beauty regime as relaxing as possible.’

You Heard It Here First...

‘We’ll switch Kylie’s beauty look up in the spring and go for a bright pillar-box red lip.’

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