Do you prefer the freedom and fresh air of exercising in the great outdoors or are you happier working out in the comfort of your local gym? Whether it’s inside or out, Katy Young tell us how to make the most of both.

The Motivation:

If a lack of this is your downfall, stick to indoor exercise as you’re probably good at finding excuses; ‘you don’t want to throw bad weather into the mix, so staying inside makes sense.’ says Dalton Wong of TwentyTwoTraining.

Tip: Invigorating sights and smells is where indoor training falls short, use a boosting skin splash like L’Occitane’s Verbena , or Biotherm’s Eau D’Energie .

The Mind:

We work out better, and harder, as a pack (in classes or gyms alongside the like-minded), add to that the extra surge of the happy hormone, serotonin, it gives and it becomes group therapy for the mind and body.

Tip: For anything high impact use Elemis invigorating Instant Refreshing Gel especially on legs pre-class.

The Up-date:

‘Cold training, as in lowering the body temperature by cranking up the air con – or even wearing little ice packs – burns more fat as the body has to burn up calories to compensate,’ says Dalton Wong. ‘Alternatively, to stretch out and lengthen the muscles we use heat training.’

Tip: Turn down the temperature post workout with Jason’s Cooling Minerals Muscle Pain Therapy .

The Tip:

Apply a cellulite cream before working out. Research shows they work even harder as your circulation is revved up – try Dior Svelte Body Desire .

The Music:

It helps us find a steady running, cycling or weight lifting rhythm, plus new studies show that working out to a body-beautiful signer motivates us even more – with Beyoncé, Rhianna and J-Lo topping the list.’

The Must Have:

BB Creams come into their own if you can’t head to the gym without a bit of base. The barely-there tinted moisturiser-with-benefits covers up the basics without being heavy on skin as you work-out.

Try Garnier’s excellent BB creams for all skin types.

The Motivation:

People who exercise outdoors ‘are more likely to repeat that activity’ according to research. One thought is that the ‘green gym’ is more mentally and physically satisfying, make us want to go back for more.

Tip: Citrus notes stimulate the mind and invigorate the body, try Lancôme’s lime scented Aroma Tonic Energizing Fragrance – a skin treat and scent in one, it even leaves the skin moisturised.

The Mind:

Exercising outside with a change in scenery is proven to stimulate the mind, while diverting your thoughts from the job in hand.

The Up-date:

Races aren’t just for Olympians, they’re the easiest, most popular way to motivate you to walk, jog or run. ‘It’s the most tangible goal we can give ourselves, plus reaching the finish line makes all that hard training so worthwhile,’ says Lisa Jackson, author of Running Made Easy.

The De-stress:

Exercising outdoors increases energy and positivity, while decreasing stress, tension and anger. Plus, there’s also the (scientific) fact that we’re upping our levels of vitamin D, the happy vitamin, which we naturally soak up from the sun.

Tip: If you miss a session, stock up on Wise Owl Vitamin D 60 Tablets .

The Mood:

The best antidote to a day of meetings, or a crowded commute is some time out in the big outdoors; going from the office straight to an over populated gym could be adding to your stress. Think about it.

The Tip:

The same distance run outside, as opposed to on a treadmill, can burn up to three times as many calories. Running against wind, heat or cold, and across different terrains means you work that much harder; twice as hard on grass, three times on sand and four times on snow. Plus running on natural surfaces means we constantly engage the small, usually hard to reach, muscles which give that beautiful definition.

Tip: Make ThisWorks Muscle Therapy your post-run essential. It’s full of anti-inflammatory aloe vera and invigorating peppermint oil.

The Must Have:

If training outdoors use a sun screen all year round. The best feel light and non-sticky; for the body try Ultrasun Sports High SPF 50 Clear Spray , for the face a specific screen is the best choice, like Lancôme Génifie Soleil Face SPF 50 .

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