She may have one of the best bodies in the business, but it doesn’t take a week in St. Tropez to get her signature golden glow. As Scott Barnes, celebrity makeup artist and the creator of the famous ‘J-Lo glow’, explains, “most people don’t know this about Jennifer but she actually has very pale skin.” It’s about looking toned, not just tanned, and that means using makeup on your body just like you do on your face.

Get the look:
Scott uses his Body Bling bronzer, but your own bespoked cosmetic ‘cocktail’ can give equally great results. Try combining a favourite wash-off bronzer with a liquid highlighter, plus using a self- tan mitt to apply ensures an even layer of colour all over. Now comes the tricky part; to get that gorgeous muscle definition, add some extra highlighter (try a shimmer stick for better control) where the light naturally hits; down the thigh muscles, along the biceps, down the front of the shins and collar-bones and décolletage.

If you’re not sure where to highlight, stand in front of a mirror and flex your muscles to see where to define to create a more natural looking ‘tone’.


  1. He-Shi One Day Tan
  2. St Tropez Gold Skin Illuminator
Whether dressed down for a school run or glammed up for the red carpet, Gwyneth always makes it look so easy. Here’s the secret to her gorgeous, sleek, glossy hair.

Get the look:
Volume is the enemy here. Gwyneth’s hair is sleek ‘n’ chic so to keep yours flat you need to create tension when you’re blow-drying. Sarah Louise Okin, creative director at Hersheson’s, explains, “use a brush to pull the hair firmly from the root and then apply heat on top of the head instead of underneath.” Finish with smoothing serum or oil just on the lengths and ends for extra shine.

Tip: Use the hottest, fastest hair dryer you can find. It’s the only way to get a really high-shine.

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  1. Moroccan Oil Paddle Brush
  2. Kérastase Beautifying Oil
Rihanna rocks her reds the Old Hollywood way; sharp and defined with a matte or cream finish. This is serious glamour, so there’s no room for smudges or smears, think Elizabeth Taylor not Courtney Love.

Get the look:
It’s the lipstick not the liner that creates the shape here, so use a nude pencil (never red) to fill in the entire lip area. For that strong definition a lip brush is key. Start with loads of colour in the centre of the lip and use a brush to carefully blend it outwards (you want to avoid getting thick pigment around the edges). Don’t worry if it’s not perfect; Lisa Potter-Dixon, head makeup artist at Benefit explains, “you can get a cleaner shape by tracing concealer around the outside of your lip line.” Use a small, flat edged brush to get extra precision, and don’t forget to blend out the concealer.

Tip: Creams and lip balms make colour feather so ensure lips are clean before you start.

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  1. Stila Lip Brush
  2. bareMinerals SPF 20 Concealer
She might be known best for her hair, but it’s her smoky eyes that really make a statement. Cheryl wears hers soft and smouldering with browns and blues instead of just black, and pulled out for that super flattering almond shape.

Get the look:
A good smoky eye always starts with a kohl pencil. Use black right inside the upper and lower lashes, and then brown or navy to draw a second line (thicker this time) beside the black. Cheryls’ make-up artist (and make-up artist for L’Oreal Paris), Lisa Laudat, explains “the black creates definition and the brown or navy soften the look so it’s not so harsh.” Lightly smudge the pencil so it smokes out from the lash line, then finish with a brown eye shadow just above the crease and blend it out to create a blurred, smoky effect like a gentle contour.

Tip: To fake an almond eye, graduate your liner so it’s thin at the inner corners and thicker towards the outer corners of the eye.

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  1. L’Oreal Paris Le Smoky Eyeliner
  2. YSL Ombre Solo Eyeshadow
The Holy Grail of contouring, it takes a lot of time and a lot of makeup but the results speak for themselves. This isn’t about creating Kardashian clones; you should look like yourself, only more defined so find your best features and play them up.

Get the look:
The key is blending so stick with the easier liquids and leave the tricky powders to the pros. Start by applying a dark shade to the low points of your face; under the cheekbones, along the jaw-line, and on either side of the forehead near the temples. Lisa Potter-Dixon suggests “try a slightly darker shade of your regular foundation, it’s easier to blend than a bronzer.” Counteract the shading with a lighter shade on the high points; brow bones, cheekbones and down the centre of the nose (except for the tip). Go for shimmery, glitter-free highlighters to get a more natural effect.

Tip: If you can’t see where your blending you’ll end up with a stripy face, so always do your makeup near a window or in a well-lit room.

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  1. Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Fluid Foundation
  2. Benefit High Beam Complexion Enhancer

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