Diet gone to pot? Work-outs just a vague memory? If your good intentions have fallen by the wayside then it’s time for a mental re-boot.Top motivational life coach, Pete Cohen shows us how to make the changes that really last.

Do write down the change you want, asking yourself some fundamental questions like ‘Why do I want to do this?’. You have to have a big enough ‘why’ to have a big enough reason to make that change. If you later falter, go back and re-read it.
Don’t be unrealistic. Can you really get a body like Gwyneth Paltrow’s? Also that’s quite a limiting goal as you need to work out what would be the realistic long-term benefit to you – think your goal through rather than making it out of desperation.
Do ask yourself what you will have to sacrifice for this to happen? And are you willing to do that – again, be realistic about what the change really entails.
Do be patient! Change takes time.
Do pick just one change at a time and focus on it for a few weeks; we have to do something between 20 to 40 times before it becomes our new habit – so don’t move on to the next change until you have mastered the first.
Don’t go it alone. Research shows that sharing goals with friends and family makes you more likely to succeed.
Don’t focus on what you are giving up but what you are moving towards. Generating a feeling of excitement and anticipation for something new gives you motivation.
Do prepare. It’s like holiday packing; it needs to be planned ahead. Stock your fridge, clear out the bad stuff, get the right work-out wear and so on.

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