Swig on some moonshine and slick back September’s hottest hairdo, Teo van den Broeke tells you how.
From the return of a host of hidden speakeasy-inspired bars, to a surge in the popularity of sipping straight bourbon; the Prohibition era has never been cooler. The latest film to chart America’s longest dry spell, “Lawless”, tells the tale of three bootlegging brothers attempting to make a living by peddling home-distilled whiskey, with disastrous consequences. Featuring Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain, the real star of the film is LeBoeuf’s prohibition-era hairdo.
“Cut super short at the sides with plenty of length to slick back on top, it takes a little effort, but the resulting dapper-yet-dangerous look is well worth it. Savile Row barber, Brent Pankhurst, shows how it’s done”.
  1. Be prepared

    Unless you get this cut in the right way it will just be impractical, flop down and drive you mad.

  2. Avoid clippers

    “Make sure your barber uses scissors and not clippers, as scissors will result in a smoother, better blended cut”.

  3. Know what you’re asking for

    “Ask for your hair to be undercut at the sides but also graduated. Also, make sure the longer hair is connected at the back of the head, as this will give you support and hold”.

  4. Product matters

    “In the 1920s and 30s men would have used a heavy pomade or Vaseline. Practically speaking this will be far too greasy and your girlfriend won’t let you into bed”. So, use a moulding cream such as Schwarzkopf Professional Flexwax or a styling conditioner like  American Crew Fiber instead.

Pop in for a cut and a whisky at Brent Pankhurst’s Mayfair barbershop on No.37 Savile Row, London.

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