Girl’s Night In & Party Girl’s Night Out

When it comes to your beauty regime, there are two VIP diary days. Fridays are all about getting ready for that long-awaited night out while Sundays - AKA beauty boot camp – are for waxing, scrubbing and tanning. Here’s your 7-step guide for each day...

Friday's Party Girl

You see getting prepped to party like training for an Olympic sport, and the contents of your make-up bag could rival feelunique.


Golden Limbs

Using a tanning mitt, apply one layer of wash-off instant tan all over, then use a clean mitt to buff the colour into wrists, ankles and elbows. Add Guerlain’s Terracotta Huile de Voyageur – the lightweight oil gives skin a healthy sheen.


Flawless Skin

Apply a radiance-boosting serum under your foundation to boost brightness. We love the light and refreshing texture of Sampar’s Street a Peel , which instantly adds glow to tired skin.


Perfect Lashes

Create fluttery lashes in an instant with a pair of falsies. Curl your natural ones first and apply one coat of mascara, then apply Eylure’s Katy Perry Cool Kitty . Finish with another coat of mascara to help create a seamless finish.


Plump Lips

Outline lips in the same colour as your chosen lipstick, and then fill them in. Top tip; always line just outside your lips to cheat a fuller pout. Try Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Hot Plum – the blue tones brighten teeth.


Shiny Hair

For mirror-like shine whatever your hairstyle, put a small amount of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray onto the back of your hand and use a make-up brush to apply it to the root area. It’s light enough for all hair types.


Tone Up

Keep your Decleor Aroma Dynamic Refreshing Toning Gel in the fridge and apply it to any exposed skin as you’re walking out the door, the chilled menthol and arnica boost circulation to beat blotchy skin.


Glossy Nails

Is your manicure and pedicure starting to look dull? Rub almond oil into each nail to bring back shine.

Sunday’s Pamper Queen

Rolling up your sleeves and sticking a do-not-disturb sign on your bathroom door is as an obligation, not an option. No pain, no gain.


Avoid Alcohol

Sunday nights should always start with ten minutes of dry body brushing to boost circulation and the condition of your skin. Start at your feet with Elemis’s Spa@Home Body Detox Skin Brush and use sweeping motions up the body.


Soft Skin

Get mixing with your oils and creams for a real surge of moisture. Add cuticle oil into your hand and foot creams and The Organic Pharmacy’s Skin Rescue Oil into your face cream.


Healthy Hair

Apply a nourishing hair mask and wrap your hair up in a towel or Forever Natural Bamboo Fiber Hair Turban . Use a hairdryer to gently heat the towel for deeper penetration of the ingredients. For fine hair condition the ends only.


DIY Facial

Apply a clay mask - The Organic Pharmacy’s Seaweed Clay Mask detoxes without drying - on your t-zone and a hydrating gel mask to your cheeks. This clever combo will de-clog pores and boost moisture levels, all at once.


Bronzed Goddess

This season’s tan is all about soft caramel colour (think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), so be sure to stick to one light layer. Can’t reach your back? Put St Moriz’s Tanning Mitt on a long-handled body brush for those hard-to-reach areas.


Fuzz Free

Whatever you’re waxing or plucking, always do it post-shower when the pores are open. Swap your shaving foam for hair conditioner – the nourishing ingredients are kinder to skin than the drying alcohol found in shaving products.


Perfect Nails

Top-off your polished look with chip-free nails. Make this last on your to-do list to avoid smudges.

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