If your eyebrows are beginning to meet in the middle, the area to attack is that small square of hair above the bridge of your nose. The space between your brows should be the same as the width between your eyes. Hold your tweezers parallel to the side of your nose: where the tweezers sit on each eyebrow is the point you should pluck to. Start from the middle and work out methodically, leaving a few stray hairs at the edges so they don’t look too groomed. Fine hairs should be left, as they’ll soften the overall look; the last thing you want is an over-defined Towie brow.

Avoid plucking above and below the eyebrow as this will result in an artificially arched look. If things are particularly wild, tackle the stray hairs at the bottom, but never pluck above as the hairs on top define the shape of your brow.

If your brows are bushy or beginning to resemble those of David Hemmings then consider giving them a trim. Use a small pair of sharp scissors (Tweezerman’s moustache scissors will do) and take off a millimeter or two at a time across the length of the brow – a small comb will help you be more accurate. Less is definitely more here: it’s far easier to remove slow than it is to regrow.

Plucking can aggravate the sensitive skin around your eye. Use a soothing, gentle moisturiser to treat the area after plucking. Also rub into eyebrows to keep the skin beneath smooth.

This goes without saying but A) don’t ever be fooled into thinking hair removal cream is a good idea. B) Never be tempted shave a line into your eyebrow, à la Soulja Boy. You’ll look like you have a barcode printed above your eye. C) Never, ever get your eyebrows pierced. That is all.

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