Health & Beauty Editor at Hello! Nadine Baggott is known for a no nonsense approach to discovering what really works, and her amazing body.  In her late forties she puts those half her age in the shade, and now she gives Newby Hands the lowdown on her beauty body secrets.

Body Philosophy?

Minimum effort, maximum results.

What’s the secret to your diet?

I do everything mindfully; at the end of each day I can list everything I ate along with a rough calorie count. I’m the same weight that I was at 18 but I’d like to be half stone lighter like Elle (Macpherson) as she is my height. But for her, having that body is a full time job, for me it’s just a part time obsession and I’m not prepared to work out daily and cut out food I enjoy. I love the Mediterranean diet of fish and chicken with salad or vegetables but my weakness is sweets and chocolate – but I never delude myself as to what I’ve actually eaten, if I’m bad one day I pull back the next.

What you do to drop a few pounds?

I cut out all the junk and don’t eat between meals. For me eating a diet low in sugar, saturated fats, salt and processed carbs just works. Plus I’m realistic; if it took me five months to put on 5 lbs then it will take me about that time to lose. Its common sense and all that talk of radical diets, fast weight loss and detox drives me mad.
You have to be present in your body, I’ve seen other women on holiday just switching off and mindlessly shovelling down food. People want a quick fix but there isn’t one, and if I ate all I wanted and didn’t work out I would be a stone heavier and then it’s that steady decline into bad back, bad skin, bad hair…

What about exercise?

I don’t believe in pushing the body with high impact exercise – my idea of hell is being on a treadmill. I do believe in Pilates and Yoga, especially if you want that long, lean super-model body; I don’t mean a modern super model, but Cindy or Elle back in the 1980s when it was about looking like powerful women, not having some skinny ‘boy’ body. Jennifer Aniston and Rosario Dawson have that beautiful, healthy body.
I exercise now as much to ensure I stay strong and healthy and flexible as I get older. I was back and forth to the osteopath with a bad back from sitting at my desk all day, then he said you either keep coming back or do something like Pilates. Not only has it given me strength, and that defined shape, for me Pilates is the best insurance for old age. My only regret is that I didn’t do this when I was younger.

Skin secrets?

I love the Clarisonic Body Brush , and a good exfoliating shower gel, like MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub . I’m a firm believer in using fruits acids (AHA’s or glycolic) on the body – DG Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Body Peel is wonderful for the body, plus dry skin brushing (with Kent Bath and Shower Body Brush ) but who gets round to doing it daily? Even just twice a week makes a difference. I’m a fan of Biotherm, I love their products as they aren’t too rich and greasy like the Anti-Drying Body Milk , or I use Bliss Naked Body Butter Lite . Plus I do like those soft focus skin tints, like the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle .
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