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Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden talks to us about her beauty routine, hair and make-up must-haves and reveals how yoga is her secret weapon to staying in shape.

My Beauty Routine...

I have three routines; one for when I’m at home in the country which involves no make-up, one for when I’m in London which needs to be school-run-friendly with a little foundation, lipgloss and blusher and my red carpet regime which is all false lashes and red lipstick.

My Make-Up Must-Haves...

‘I love Yves Saint Laurent lip glosses, the packaging is just so pretty. I tend to go for girly pink colours. Their Touch Éclat is also amazing.’

Britain's Got Beauty Talent...

‘ I still can’t believe how much attention my outfits, hair and make-up get on Britain’s Got Talent. Alesha and I love getting dressed up but our styles are very different ’

Now that Alesha and I are both mum’s, the goal will be to arrive to work without any food or dribble on our clothes, oh the glamour. David [Walliams] also has a baby and Simon [Cowell] has one on the way which is hugely exciting. I’m desperate to get a picture of all the children sitting on the judging panel!

Hair Heroes...

I owe my hairstylist Ben Cooke a lot. I try and see him regularly for trims and I recently went quite a bit shorter with layers at the front for a bit of a change. I use Moroccanoil Treatment daily to keep my hair healthy and shiny. It gets a lot of heat styling for work so I try and look after it where I can.

Me Time...

I know it sounds indulgent but I do love a bath with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath Oil and a Miller Harris candle . If anyone doesn’t know what to buy me for Christmas or my birthday I always suggest these.

My Top 3 Body Secrets


I love making juices at home and Jason Vale, aka the ‘juice master,’ has given me loads of recipes like cucumber, spinach, apples and lime. I always notice a difference in my skin when I drink them regularly.


I got really into Kundalini yoga when I was working in L.A. I love it because it tones your body, makes you focus on your breathing and the chanting is really fun.


I try and run for one hour a week, I absolutely love it and always feel great afterwards. It’s also time to myself which is worth its weight in gold

Nail Addict

I love nails and often have crystals or glitter on my ring finger; my friends call it my ‘bionic finger’. I keep hand cream and cuticle oil by every sink in my house to make sure I use them regularly.

Signature Scent...

When it comes to fragrance and body cream, I love fresh notes like lime, lemon and basil.

My Memoir...

My first ever autobiography No Holding Back just came out. It was quite a journey writing it and I’m so excited that it’s finally out; excited and nervous. My girls [Lexi and Hollie] will have a copy for their bookshelves; they can learn their mistakes through me.

Skin Secrets...

I swear by Cetaphil ; it isn’t fancy or expensive but it does what I need it to do. I started having regular facials when I starred in Shrek as Princess Fiona as I had to wear so much green make-up and I didn’t want it to have an impact on my skin.


‘I get my brows tinted and lashes permed which makes it easier to go make-up free’

‘Yasmin Le Bon is my beauty idol; she is just so beautiful and gets it right every time’

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